Friday, September 26, 2008

Show your Skype and Yahoo Online Status in your website

This post will explain about how to show the skype and yahoo online status in your website.

Skype Online Status in Website:

Include the following script in your page:

And add the following tag in your page:

<a onclick="return skypeCheck();" href="skype:{0}?call">
<img id="Img" src="{0}" border="0" runat="server" /></a>

In the above tag, {0} represents your loginid in skype. Ex.: prasadvemala

Check my skype status below:


If the status is not showing you in Online when you are, go to skype Options -> Privacy settings and make sure the settings 'Allow my status to be shown on the web' is checked.

Yahoo Messenger Online Status in Website:

Add the following tag in your page:

<a href="{0}&.src=pg"><img src="{0}&m=g&t=2" /></a>

In the above tag, {0} represents your loginid in yahoo. Ex.: prasadvemala

Check my Yahoo status below:


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Unknown said...

I suppose its very cool and useful feature, definitely will use it on my web site as soon as I will have it. But for now I only use skype latest version that my girlfriend advise me to use.